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Meditasjon i alt du tenkjer, i kvar pust, i alt vi er
Meditasjon i alt du tenkjer, i kvar pust, i alt vi er
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The four reasons smart people fall through


We have all seen it.  Through history smart people have been executed, imprisoned, executed, ridiculed.  The examples are many: Jorge Lois Borges, the Argentinian writer and librarian were held prison in his own library and despite being blind he managed to write some of the world's best novels.Jorge Louis Borges
Jorge Louis Borges (1899 -1986)

Reason 1 why smart people fall through: You are a threat to the state, the boss or whoever has the power today to set the rules

We will examine how people like him managed even under the most difficult circumstances.  

The genius and the competition

Nicole Tesla's ideas were too dangerous for the world then and still are, and people who support his ideas are ridiculed even though the elite drives cars named after him because they have to accept part of the truth by science: that the way we exploit and pollute the world today has to come to an end. That there are clean sources for electricity but the industry and the monetary mechanisms cannot be changed overnight. And in the meantime the Tesla cars are no good solution, just the name was stolen.


Nelson Mandela was ridiculed as a hippie back then, owning some points, but impossible to integrate into reality was said, and the world is full of these heroes that are acknowledged always some point in  the future only

The problem is not they are clever, the problem is their ideas does not fully integrate with the official picture of the time.  Often their living and their knowing is part of the establishment, so that they have to be taken into the warmth halfway, even though their ideas is ridiculed when repeated by others. 
This was the facts around Dalai Lama for a long time, but for now he is taken fully into the warmth and used as an alibi for popstars and politicians, and no matter what he says his words are held inside the system.  Only if persons repeat his words can they still be ridiculed by society as long as they are not Lady Gaga or some other person telling the truth within the system 


The 2nd reason :  Intelligent people are  fully occupied inside their mind and have no urge to be best - simply because the loneliness of actually being best.

Smart people often lack ambitions. Why?  Of course because they just enjoy the thinking and have no time to spend on being admired.  Also, they find it tiring with people want to be better than them, and always try to hang on them.  So smartasses tend to be loners, and when you understand that to be best is lonely in itself because you know you are better, because you are in a quicker speed, you often tend to slow down to make other people feel comfortable.  These people are the ones that then copy you and as you progress try to break you down when it counts.  So it is not to wonder that smart people suffer from depression, withdraval and fixed ideas.This is a bad combination with society life. Especially artists fall into this category, think of van Gogh, munch, well most of them come to think of it, and also the myth to be outside society and not participate plus excessive drinking makes this a problem for many


The 3rd reason:  Boredom

If the smart people do not get impulses or room to use their brain, they tend to shut off and just use the smart part of the brain to conspiracy, computer games or apathy. Come to it that today the smart people are often medicated to fit into society, the boredom and the zombie-life not only of the smart but for all, is growing rapidly.


The 4th reason: The smart people are bought into the network to not destroy.  

Think about 1600. You had masterminds like Leonardo Da Vinci.  The mastermind constructed airplanes, he was a spiritual, a philosopher and he painted Mona Lisa. He dissected humans, he was interested in plants and in all living as well as the spiritual and the technical world.Leonardo da Vnci portrait

Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci 1452 - 1519


Today you have to specialize to be able to do scienze, otherwise you fall into the category of the nerd, the lonely thinker or the artist, Leonardo da Vinci

Companys buy the expertise, and also the science and there for the thinking and the direction of the thinking


People still believe that the truth lies in reliable media, sources from science or scientific experiments

Truth is we have never been more brainwashed than today, even with all the communication flow and openness.  How to think and what to think is governed by some that even the smartest can not outsmart and still be heard in the public room.

You can argue against the system, but you have to leave it to be free to really think and do what you want, ind in this loneliness the doing so has no reason

 I just leave.  Smart persons do not fit in


The problem today is that you can say and think the correct and dangerous things, and still be no threat to the system.  With internet there has been made space for different thinkers, but they are all owned by a bigger thinking. 

You can be Bob Geldof talking on Google on how sick you are of everything, and the post will be shared a million times and used for any purpose anyone would like, and so every statement is just worth some feelings in the moment.  No rebels or philosophers or political activists fighting against system are possible without being a muslim or a terrorist, because today the fronts stand between us and them, Russia, North Korea and the muslims and the barbars on one side and the rest of us, agree or not on the other side.  To say no thanks to both is possible, you can say goodbye to the world and find an alternative living excluded from humanity today.  Even so, and as soon as your voice is heard or your actions spotted you will end up on You Tube or twitter like the crazy monk or the mysterious healer and all the commercial sites with the spiderweb of diverging interests will start to eat you and use you like food into this greedy funnel called internet, Shopify, social media and the free world. Namaste