Livets tre - pendel i rå bergkrystall med edelstein – Pust
Meditasjon i alt du tenkjer, i kvar pust, i alt vi er
Meditasjon i alt du tenkjer, i kvar pust, i alt vi er
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Livets tre - pendel i rå bergkrystall med edelstein

Crystals have been used for many thousands of years for shamanic practises, for healing.

Shaman use visions into their inner world to pull out the knowledge they require for them and those they are spiritually working for.

The relationship is between them and their Gods, no one is their mentor. A shaman does it for themselves. Their union between the earth and the minerals, plants and animals on it and the canopy of their Gods and the spirit world.

Adornments of crystals and minerals aid their workings and strengthens their inner dialogue. They pay respect to the universal energies through the use of them and with them communicate to the vast matrix.

1. Gaze into the stone; letting your eyes go out of focus…using “soft eyes”, allow yourself to drift into all the inclusions

2. Slowly close your eyes & allow the stone to guide you on a personal journey. See where it takes you.



Tree of life

The Tree of Life is a universal symbol found in many spiritual and mythological traditions around the world. In various cultures it is known as the Cosmic Tree, the World Tree and the Holy Tree

 These examples demonstrate why so many cultures use the Tree of Life to describe the Divine and our journey back to the Divine.


Kabbalah – In Kabbalah, the Jewish mystical tradition underlying Judaism and Christianity, two different Tree of Life symbols are used: one is upside-down and the other right-side-up. The original Tree of Life emanates out of the divine world of unity and is depicted as upside-down, with its roots flowing from the divine place of unity and infinite light. The trunk and branches reach down towards us, penetrating the worlds of spirit, psyche, and physical existence. This is said to be the Tree of Emanation, which flows downward from the source. The other Tree of Life symbol flows upward, back towards the source, with roots in the ground and branches growing up to the sky. This is the Tree that the initiate climbs to return to the source and is the Tree of evolution or initiation. It is the initiate’s responsibility to evolve and awaken, climbing the Tree and penetrating the worlds of psyche, spirit and divine unity, reconnecting with the divine source.

Depth Psychology – From a depth psychology perspective, the tree is seen as a powerful symbol of growth, as the tree is the only living thing that continues to grow throughout its lifetime. The tree is also a symbol for the true self and serves as a positive, healthy model for the unfolding development of both psyche and spirit. As we grow and develop, a larger and more mature personality emerges and begins to flower and fruit, providing its gifts and bounties to the wider world.

Christianity – In Christian art, Jesus is often depicted as standing in the branches of the Tree of Life, presented as the living fruit of the Tree. In this capacity he is the bridge between the Divine and humanity and between heaven and earth. He is a vision of enlightened humanity and our potential to bloom and bring forth abundant fruit. The image of Christ on the cross is another depiction of the World Savior on the Tree of Life, redeeming humanity through his death and subsequent rebirth.

Buddhism – It was beneath the great Bodhi tree, the great Tree of Enlightenment, that Buddha was said to redeem the whole universe under its protective branches. Under this World Tree, the Buddha transformed all negative temptations and energies and achieved perfect enlightenment. In this story, as in the Christ story, we have the archetypal World Savior and the World Tree themes together.

Nordic – In Nordic mythology, Odin is the god who rules all magic and guards the great well of wisdom and knowledge at the root of the World Tree Yggdrasill, whose strength supports the entire universe. Here, under the branches of Yggdrasill, Odin becomes an initiate magician and discovers a Shamanic vocation, obtaining inner sight and healing capacities.

Shamanic – In many Shamanic cosmologies, the Cosmic Tree is said to connect the Underworld, Middle world and Above world. During initiation, the Shaman learns to travel comfortably in all three realms. In some traditions the Underworld contains power animals and helper guides for healing. The Above world consists of ancestors, spirit guides and spirits of plants and diseases to whom the Shaman can speak and engage their help in healing others. During initiation, Shamans are often instructed to make and climb a ladder to symbolize their ability to access the three zones of the Cosmic Tree.

Minoan – From the ancient Minoan culture of Crete, the Tree of Life is connected to the Mysteries of the Labyrinth. The Tree of Life is said to occupy the very center of the labyrinth. The goal of initiation is to claim your own self by winding into the center of the labyrinth, climb the Tree of Life and connect with your own divinity as well as the divine source.


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